Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Turbie Twist is a College Must!

Turbie Twist is a must have in the dorms says The Fashionable Gal Laney  

I really wanted to try a Turbie Twist (you know: “Better Than a Bath Towel!”) when I first saw the commercials a long, long time ago. Then, I totally forgot about them.
Well, recently, I realized that I totally needed one. Living in a dorm is a nightmare when it comes to showering; there’s a constant scurry to-and-from the bathroom in various compromising states of undress. Unless you’re a guy or have super short hair (oh, I miss the days), then you’re either going to lug down an extra towel in addition to all of your shower supplies, or have dripping hair in your face as you try to avoid eye contact on your way back to your room.

First off, I totally love the packaging-it features the adorable picture at the left.

Second, I love that it comes in an array of adorable colors (mine is hot pink, but there are also shades of purple, lighter pink, blue, and white). Third-it’s so easy!

Just follow the steps on the packaging: Place the towel of the back of your head, twist the front securely (with hair inside), and loop through elastic on the back. I know, I know; the directions make SO much more sense when you actually have the Turbie Twist in front of you.

In any case, the Turbie Twist made my morning shower a breeze. I left my hair twisted up while I moisturized, tweezed, and did my makeup. When I took it down it was mostly dry, and didn’t need any of the rough drying that damages hair. Having my hair out of my face while doing my morning routine was fantastic, and the Turbie Twist actually looked sort of cute!

Over at, one for $8.99, or three for $19.99. However, the shipping’s a bit high, so you might want to pick one up locally! Sally Beauty Supply and QVC both stock them.

Oh, and did I mention that the Turbie Twist is machine washable? Score!