Friday, December 6, 2013

Busy Philipps post a photo wearing the Turbie Twist after being hit by a snowball on the set of Cougar Town.

Actress Busy Philipps got hit in the face by a snowball during the Dec. 4, filming of the fifth season of Cougar Town. The actress shared a photo of her shiner on instagram:
Phillips was hit by co-star Bob Clendenin. Her irritated eye seems to have recovered quickly posting this update to Twitter one day after the incident:
Everyone at Turbie Twist is hoping Philipps has a quick recovery! ♥ Turbie Twist

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Turbie Twist Tips: for Thick Hair

1. Slash Shampoo:

Try to reduce shampoo use to three times a week. It is important to keep thick hair clean, but too much can dry out hair. Be sure to read the labels too; search for a specific shampoo that reduces frizz and breakage. Looking for a recommendation? Look for shampoos for dry hair or shampoos that aim to give a silky look.

2. Continuous Conditioning: 

Thick hair loves and needs moisturizing. Natural oils from the scalp do not spread to strands of hair as much or as often as finer hair because thick hair has so many strands. This results in dry hair, so moisture and conditioning is essential. Conditioner, unlike shampoo, should be used every day. Leave in conditioners also work great and should be used on occasion.

3. Bail on Brushes: 

Hair brushes cause nothing but trouble for thick hair. Hair ends up frizzy or the brush ends up broken under the heavy pressure of such thick hair. The solution? Avoid both hair brushes and narrow toothed combs in order to avoid frizz. Use a pick or a wide toothed comb instead; they cause less breakage and less frizz. Wider toothed combs are stronger and can withstand more pressure.

4. Turbie Twist:

Thick hair takes forever to dry, yet blow dryers cause frizz and heat damaged hair. Turbie Twist accelerates dry time and reduces frizz with its super absorbent microfiber material. Get dry hair faster without the frizz or heat damage caused by blower dryers. Use the Turbie Twist hair towel.

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