Monday, January 3, 2011

An Impulse Buy but now I am Hooked ...

Great Review on eopions for the Turbie Twist from Becky in Chicago -

The Turbie Twist worked great. I was able to leave it on to absorb all but the last bit of water from my hair leaving it evenly damp so if you wanted to blow dry it it would still be wet enough to style your hair but dry enough that it would only take a few minutes. I tend to air dry my hair so after I leave it on for awhile I take it off right before I am ready to brush it the way I like to wear my hair. I loved the Turbie Twist so much that I went out and bought myself another one and two more for Christmas gifts for my daughter in law and daughter who both have long hair.

How it washes up

The Turbie Twist washed up great. I washed it like I do other towels in hot water and there was no damage fraying or pilling. I think this thing will last for quite some time. I have been using mine for about 3 or 4 months.

How well other's liked it

My daughter called me the other day and told me she was in love with the Turbie Twist. It was funny because when she opened it on Christmas she had that look on her face like "why did you get me this?" But now she is glad I did. I have not heard back yet from my daughter in law... Click here to read the full review