Thursday, December 22, 2011

Turbie Band® by Turbie Twist Changes Women's Nightly Routine

Turbie Twist, LLC has introduced a brand new product called the Turbie Band®.

The Turbie Band® is an elastic, microfiber headband that keeps hair away from ones face while applying or removing make up, or washing your face before bed. It takes the place of having to use barrettes, a headband and a pony tail to keep hair away from your face. Because it holds everything back, it also prevents hair from falling into the sink when you bend over…now Women can wash their face without washing their hair.

"I was always losing my barrettes and clips – I would end up with soap in my bangs- a simple task turned in to such a hassle," said Christina Cummings, Turbie Twist, LLC President. "With the Turbie Band® you can apply facials and exfoliating scrubs without getting it in your hair, now I can give myself spa treatments at home without the mess...I love it!"

The Turbie Band® is available at Bed Bath and Beyond, JoAnn Fabrics and CVS.
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About Turbie Twist, LLC
Turbie Twist, LLC is the sole manufacturer and distributor of the Turbie Twist® hair towel and other after bathe products.

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