Thursday, January 5, 2012

Turbie Twist Brings You Tips for Staying True to Your Fitness Related New Year's Resolutions

Turbie Twist, LP has teamed up with VYGOR Fitness of Fox Chapel Pennsylvania to provide the first ever list of Tips by Turbie Twist. A New Year means new resolutions, for many people personal fitness goals are at the top of the list.
Lisa Stugart owner and personal trainer at VYGOR Fitness + Nutrition has five tips to help people achieve their fitness New Year's Resolutions.
1. Set Realistic Goals: Whether it's to lose weight, improve endurance or increase strength setting realistic goals is the first step. Set a goal for every eight weeks at the end of eight weeks revaluate that goal to determine its success.
2. Keep a Journal: Keeping a journal and writing down a work out plan and a meal plan will keep one a accountable and will help people achieve their fitness goals.
3. Find a workout partner or trainer: Having a training partner or a personal trainer increase one's chances of success because it forces people to be accountable.
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4.Weigh in at Least Once a Week: Weighing in at least once a week will allow people to check their progress of reaching their fitness goals.
5. Don't Let Setbacks Ruin Progress: After eating a bad meal or missing a workout make sure to turn things around the next meal or the next day. An easy way to get back on the right track is to sign up for a fitness class at the gym.
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